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Quality Tree Pruning Services in Hollidaysburg, PA

Lofty Heights Logging has the experience to properly prune trees for what is best for them. As a general rule, many of our native, slower growing trees need only minimal pruning while faster growing trees have more maintenance issues and are at a higher risk for failure. Early in a tree’s life care should be taken to note the structure of the tree. Trees grown in more open landscapes may develop multiple leaders or crossing branching. This left uncorrected may lead to crown failure later in life. On the other hand, trees planted in close proximity to other plants or structures may need to be thinned or reduced.

We avoid topping trees but can provide you with crown raising (removing lower limbs), crown reduction(properly reducing the overall length of branches) crown cleaning (removing deadwood) and crown thinning.

Call Lofty Heights Logging today to get an expert evaluation on what tree maintenance you can get down now to keep your trees healthy for a long time! We service the Hollidaysburg, and Altoona PA areas with our tree trimming services.