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Tree logging in Bedford, PA

Trees are a renewable natural resource. They provide us with many essentials and comforts. They are also important for wildlife, erosion control and the ecosystem. It is our goal to help you manage your forest in the best interest of you and the future generations.

Initially we meet with you and walk through your land. We call this a walk through. We want to hear about any previous harvests you know about and your present and future goals for your woodland. We want to see property access, boundaries, streams, etc. We will make a recommendation based on timber health, timber potential, current markets, wildlife habitat, and your goals as land owner. We will explain the reasons why you might choose to implement a select cut, to make an improvement cut, or to clear cut your forest or just log parts of your forest.

Once a plan is put together, a timbering contract is used to protect both of us as the seller and the purchaser. We service the Altoona, Hollidaysburg, and Bedford, PA areas with our tree logging services.

Timber logging in Hollidaysburg, PA

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